Community Cleanup/ Recycling

Regular trash removal in Union Township is by private contract. Recycling is mandatory and is required by New Jersey State Law and by Municipal Ordinance. Residents should be reminded that private trash haulers are now required by law to institute a recycling program as part of their service. Contact your trash hauler for more information.


There are TWO types of recycling "days" in the Township.


The Township of Union's RECYCLING DEPOT (for traditional recycling items) is available for use by Township residents EVERY SATURDAY (except holiday weekends and inclement weather), from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

What to Recycle:

In an effort to make recycling more convenient, residents are welcome to deposit single stream materials in the dedicated containers.

The following items CAN be recycled in a "single stream" (meaning one container, not separated out): 

  • glass bottles, all colors
  • aluminum and tin cans
  • plastic containers #1 - #7
  • junk mail, bundled in paper bags or tied
  • newspapers, bundled in paper bags or tied
  • cardboard boxes, broken down flat

NO LEAVES/BRUSH can be delivered to the Township's recycling center; residents are urged to recycle same on their property.

Do NOT leave any materials outside containers or deposit any NON-RECYCLABLE materials when the recycling center is not open.


The Township's COMMUNITY CLEANUP ("dumpster day") also is located there and is available on the FIRST and THIRD SATURDAY of the month, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (or until full).

Common items that you CANNOT bring on Community Cleanup days are:

  • Toxic/hazardous materials (nothing liquid, including oils, paints, cleaners)
  • Freon-containing materials (so no refrigerators, A/Cs, dehumidifiers, etc)
  • Tires
  • Construction materials (ie, 2 x 4s, dry wall, etc)
  • Shingles
  • Televisions/electronics (these can go to the county facility)


Please refer to below link on "Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials" for additional details!

Township staff will assist you at both of these facilities.

Your dumpster permit MUST be displayed on your dashboard for use of the center.

In the event you don't have one, you can request this at the municipal building.


For questions regarding recycling or dumpster usage, please contact our recycling coordinator, Matt Boyden, at 908-442-5220.


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