The Union Township Planning Board is responsible for creating/updating and adopting a master plan defining the development of property in the Township. In addition, the Planning Board hears proposals from developers applying to build commercial, retail, professional and residential buildings in the Township and approves or rejects the applications. It also hears applications for building where variances to a building zone are required.
Members of the Planning Board
  • Chair -Class IV- Alan Ford
  • Vice Chair - Class IV - Brian Kirkpatrick
  • Class I - David DeGiralamo
  • Class II - Robert Nace
  • Class III - Kara Cherney
  • Class IV- John Belden
  • Class IV- Brandi Bartolomeo
  • Class IV - Christian Kastrud
  • Class IV - Charles Neary
  • Alternate I - Brian Lepore
  • Alternate II - Michael Gatanis
  • Alternate III - Jim Tousignant
  • Alternate IV - Dennis Glacken
  • Attorney - Mark S. Anderson, Esq.
  • Engineer - Robert Clerico, PE
  • Planner -  Robert Clerico, PE
  • Secretary - Leigh Gronau