for 100% Disabled Veterans or Surviving Spouses

Certain permanently and totally disabled war veterans or the surviving spouses (widows/widowers) of such disabled war veterans and servicepersons are granted a full property tax exemption on their dwelling house and the lot on which it is situated.

To Qualify:

  • you must be an honorably discharged veteran, who had active service in time of war in the US Armed Forces, or the unmarried surviving spouse of such a disabled veteran. Surviving spouses of servicepersons who died in active service in time of war also qualify. Disability must be certified as 100% permanent and total by the United States Veterans Administration.
  • You must be the owner and a permanent resident in the dwelling and legal resident of New Jersey. In the case of surviving spouses, the deceased spouse must also have been a legal resident of New Jersey.
  • Must be filed with the municipal tax assessor.

Tax Assessor Forms