Acceptable & Unacceptable Materials

Acceptable Materials for Recycling

Please see the attached detailed Recycling Guide  

Unacceptable Materials for Recycling or Community Cleanup Days

The following materials are prohibited and no person shall deposit or place any such material(s) in or about the Municipal dumpster or on Municipal property:

  1. Construction or demolition materials;
  2. Materials discarded from commercial businesses or industrial establishments;
  3. Liquid waste;
  4. Hazardous, toxic, flammable or explosive materials;
  5. Direct, sand, rocks, cement, concrete of any type, blacktop and similar materials;
  6. Lumber or railroad ties;
  7. Auto frames, bodies or parts;
  8. Tires:
  9. Tree stumps, leaves, limbs or other vegetation;
  10. Cardboard boxes or paper products (these must be recycled);

11. Ordinary household garbage, refuse or trash;

12. No appliance containing Freon, to include refrigerators and air conditioners. 

No person shall deposit or place or attempt to deposit or place more than TWO (2) CUBIC YARDS of any material in or about the Municipal dumpster or on Municipal property per household PER DUMPSTER DAY. Materials shall be compacted to the greatest extent possible.

WHEN THE DUMPSTER IS FULL, THE ATTENDANT MUST CLOSE THE GATES -NO MATERIAL(S) CAN BE ACCEPTED. *** Material(s) not accepted at the Municipal dumpster can be taken to the Transfer Station, Annandale; Cash only basis; Hours – 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; Saturday; (908) 236-9088.CLOSED on holidays and maintenance day(s)Attendants will reserve the right to reject any partial or full containers containing any unacceptable materials including
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