Dead Animal Reporting

Dead animals found on private property within Union Township are the responsibility of the property owner. Dead deer found along township roads or within the roadway easement can be reported for pickup as follows:

Municipal (Township Roads):  Union Township has a contract with an outside deer service who will remove all reported deer within 48 to 72 hours.  All notifications must be reported through the Union Township Clerk.  If you see a dead deer on a Union Township Municipal Roadway please contact (908) 735-8027 Ext 10 and advise us of the deer location and any other information such as the closest intersection and nearby mailbox.

County Roads: The County of Hunterdon Department of Public Safety, Division of Corrections has initiated a program call the Labor Assistance Program. One of the projects the L.A.P. has developed is the "County's Deer Recovery Program", which enables residents to contact Hunterdon County and report locations of deer carcasses along County Roads.

If you know of a location where there is a deer carcass, please contact the Hunterdon County Division of Corrections at (908) 788-1213 or via email: and request to speak with an Inmate Work Program officer. Please be prepared to provide the following information.

  • Your Name and Phone Number.
  • Township where carcass is located.
  • County Route Number and/or Name.
  • Location/Road Name, Mile Marker, Distinctive Landmarks, etc. Please be as exact as possible for location.