Emergency Management

The Union Township Office of Emergency Management,(OEM) focuses on the protection of life and property for all residents, businesses, (including their employees), and the traveling public. OEM provides protection through the latest body of knowledge and current Emergency Management practices as set forth in federal, state, and county regulations. OEM personnel provide protection through study, planning and application of all phases of Emergency Management, while concentrating on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

OEM fosters the "TEAM" approach through education, coaching and partnering with each member. Members include municipal officials, emergency services and all municipal departments as outlined in the Township Code.

OEM will provide direction and obtain resources to members of the TEAM in events such as natural and technological disasters. OEM will provide coordination and assistance to police, fire, rescue, emergency medical and municipal government.

OEM will achieve a complete integration of Emergency Management through current technologies available, using proven management practices and implementing the incident command system. OEM will complete the integration process by educating the general public through publications, pamphlets and public service announcements.

Weather Events/Announcements

Our goal is to provide important information for pending and current events. For you to prepare and plan for your well being & safety.

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