Union Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

2017 Union Township Committee Members

Matt Severino, Mayor Contact Term Expires 2018
Frank Mazza, Deputy Mayor Contact Term Expires 2017
Mike Sroka Contact Term Expires 2019
David Stothoff Contact Term Expires 2017
Bruce Hirt Contact Term Expires 2017

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Committee Assignments for 2017:

Mayor Severino

Liaison to Municipal Recycling Center, NJ State Police, Animal Control. Approving vouchers for payment.

Deputy Mayor Mazza

Liaison to Planning Bd/Bd of Adjustment, Dept. of Roads & Facilities, Township Parks, Highlands Council, Recreation Committee

Committeeman Sroka

Liaison to Personnel, School Boards, Communications, COAH.  Website Maintenance.

Committeeman Stothoff

Liaison to County and State Liaison, COAH, Municipal Court, Planning Bd/Bd. of Adjustment, Environmental Commission (UTEC). Approving vouchers for payment.

Committeeman Hirt

Liaison to Municipal Buildings & Grounds, Farmland Preservation, Agriculture Advisory Committee, Highlands Council

Meetings – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Each Month except as noted below –
7:00pm at the Municipal Building


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Union Township Committee in the County of Hunterdon and State of New Jersey established the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM as their regular schedule for meetings during the year 2017. Please note that in July, August and November there is only one meeting per month. Meetings will be held at the Municipal Building, 140 Perryville Road, Hampton, New Jersey as listed below, unless rescheduled in conformance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

January 4, 2017– Re-Organization Meeting and Regular Township Committee Meeting.

January 4 & 18                       
February 1 & 15                     
March 1 & 15                         
April 5 & 19                           
May 3 & 17                            
June 7 & 21   
July 19                                    
August 2                               
September 6 & 20                 
October 4 & 18                     
November 1                          
December 6 & 20 

         Township Committee Agendas and Minutes

Committee Form of Government:  The Township of Union governing body is a Committee form of government chartered by the State of New Jersey under NJSA 40A:63-1. The township form of government is the oldest form of municipal government in the State of New Jersey originating with the Township Act of 1798. This form of municipal government patterned after the New England Township meeting, was modified numerous times throughout the 19th century. At the end of the 19th century, the law was modified to abolish the township meeting and replace it with a township committee that was vested with all municipal powers.

Under the current township government laws as they apply to Union Township, five Committee members are elected at-large in partisan elections to serve staggered three-year terms. The Mayor is elected by the Committee and serves a one-year term as does the Deputy Mayor. The Mayor serves as the Chairperson of the Committee and exercises executive powers vested in the Mayor's Office by law. All legislative powers are assigned to the Committee. One hundred five municipalities of the five hundred sixty-six municipalities in New Jersey operate with a five member Committee form of local government.

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